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  • I Manage

    Through this package, we offer our client the best possible solution to manage, control and track his vehicle(s). I-Manage allows the client to remotely control and track the vehicle through his mobile phone as well as through Web. The client can also control the vehicle through our 24/7 customer services department

  • I Control

    Using I-Control, the client can remotely track the vehicle through the Web. The client can also control the vehicle through our 24/7 customer services department

About Us


I-Track being the latest company in vehicle tracking, uses technology top of the line satellite based systems, supported by customized software that guarantees stability and reliability. The highly experienced and qualified staff of I-Track work around the clock to make life easier and more importantly, safer to you. Protection of the vehicle from theft or snatching, protection of the passengers (Vehicle Tracking), evaluate driver performance (Fleet Management), potential for insurance savings are few of the benefits a customer can have with I-Track in their vehicles. You will have the opportunity to accurately monitor driver and vehicle efficiency and productivity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using real time or stored data. Fleet owners and managers with access to I-Track vehicle tracking system track their service, sales, delivery, emergency and personal vehicles to make their business more efficient and secure.
We aim to increase our market leadership both in terms of customers using the system and in terms of hardware and software development which gives the system greater functionality. We continually upgrade our tracking system to the latest technologies to ensure that our technology remains an essential vehicle tracking and fleet management tool.


To provide state of the art vehicle tracking, fleet management, asset management, fuel tracking and person tracking technology, supported by outstanding services, innovations and research, thus ensuring security, delivering huge cost savings and increasing customers’ fleet productivity and customer service excellence.


We believe we can provide incremental value to our customers. The benefits of our vehicle tracking system and fleet management include:

  • Protection of the vehicles from theft or snatching (Vehicle Tracking)
  • Protection of the passengers, loved ones and the driver inside your vehicle (Vehicle Tracking)
  • Potential for insurance savings (Vehicle Tracking)
  • Conduct accident analysis (Fleet management)
  • Evaluate driver performance (Fleet management)